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Infor­ma­ti­on about our ser­vices

On March 11, WHO offi­ci­al­ly decla­red COVID-19 a pan­de­mic.

Pan­de­mics (such as COVID-19) and offi­ci­al mea­su­res / orders are events that are expli­citly exclu­ded from insuran­ce coverage for our pro­duc­ts. For this rea­son, we can­not reim­bur­se costs when can­ce­ling a trip. Plea­se con­tact your tour ope­ra­tor or the air­line direc­t­ly.

In the event of a medi­cal emer­gen­cy, plea­se call our emer­gen­cy call cen­ter direc­t­ly, Tel. +41 44 563 62 63.

Thank you for your under­stan­ding.

24/7 emergency and legal assistance whilst travelling or other travel matters.