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Helvetic Premium

Your full-cover carefree package for all events! Cover if you fall ill before commencing or during the trip, if your rental car gets damaged, or if you are entitled to airline passenger compensation because your flight is late or a service provider goes into liquidation: We stand by you from the time you book right through to your return.

The minimum cover if you only go on one trip a year.


Advantages for you

  • Leisure time and travel cover for one trip (maximum 92 days)
  • 24/7 help for all sorts of questions and support
  • Valid worldwide including Switzerland
  • Special benefits during your trip such as airline passenger compensation or service provider insolvency
  • Rental car excess waiver including additional third party cover
  • Very attractive premium rates with group discount
  • Transparent online claims facility

6% of travel package price

Maximum sum insured
Cancellation costs
CHF 50'000.–
Health insurance abroad
CHF 1m
Rental vehicle excluding excess waiver insurance plus third party liability
Excess: CHF 10'000.– Liability: CHF 5m
Legal travel protection
Europe: CHF 250'000.– Rest of the world: CHF 50'000.–
Airline passenger compensation
CHF 2'000.–
Service provider insolvency
CHF 2'000.–
24/7 help
Benefit cover
Geographic scope
Period of insurance
Maximum 92 days
6% of travel package price

Cover for cancellation costs, e.g. because of

  • Illness
  • Accident
  • Death
  • Pregnancy

(amongst others)

Cover for the organisation and costs, in particular, for

  • Transportation to the nearest hospital
  • Repatriation to a hospital or to place of domicile (with or without medical accompaniment)

e.g. because of

  • Sickness
  • Accident
  • Civil unrest
  • Terrorist attack
  • Natural catastrophe

Cover for the costs of emergency medical treatment in the event of

  • sickness
  • accident suffered by an insured person

whilst on a trip abroad

Cover for

  • the excess in regard to a loss involving damage to the rental car or theft thereof
  • liability claims

Cover for

  • legal travel protection

Cover for claiming compensation due from the airline as a result of

  • flight delays
  • flight cancellations

Cover for the organisation and expenses of rebooking following service provider insolvency

Telephone assistance before and during a trip planned by one of the insured persons, or in connection thereof.

24/7 emergency and legal assistance whilst travelling or other travel matters.