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Helvetic Business Travel Premium

Your full-cover carefree package for all events! If, before or during the trip, your employees fall ill, have to extend or break off their stay at the destination, a replacement colleague has to be sent to the destination, a rental car gets damaged or else baggage is lost, we are there to help you and your employees from the time of booking through to the return trip. Cover also extends to the costs incurred when a business appointment is postponed or cancelled.
Should a service provider (e.g. airline, hotel, etc.) for that business trip go bankrupt, your employees can also claim airline passenger compensation in the event of a flight delay and they are entitled to rebooking.
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Advantages to you

  • 365 days of travel insurance for business trips
  • Special benefits during your trip such as airline passenger compensation or service provider insolvency cover
  • Rental car excess waiver including additional third party cover
  • Travel legal protection including a hotline for legal questions
  • Loss prevention and crisis management
  • Transparent online claims facility


  • per person, per year CHF 470
  • up to 250 travel days in the year CHF 2,370
  • up to 500 travel days in the year CHF 4,400
  • up to 1,000 travel days in the year CHF 8,340
  • up to 2,000 travel days in the year CHF 16,300
  • > 2,000 travel days in the year Request a quote
Maximum sum insured
Medical costs
CHF 1,5 m
Cancellation costs
CHF 40'000.-
Travel-related incidents
CHF 20'000.-
CHF 20'000.-
Cancellation costs for business reasons
CHF 7'500.-
Change in planned stay
CHF 75'000.-
Risk prevention and crisis management
Travel legal protection
Europe: CHF 250'000.-, World: CHF 50'000.-
Rental car excess waiver with third party cover
Exc.: 10'000.-, TPO: 5 m
Service provider insolvency
CHF 2'000.-
Air passenger compensation
Acc. to EU Regulation 261
Geographic scope
Period of insurance
365 days

Coverage of costs for hospital, doctors and medication in the event of sickness or accident.

Coverage of costs for search and rescue, organisation and assumption of expenses for assistance on site and repatriation to the insured person’s domicile, organisation and repatriation of one’s remains in the event of death.

Coverage of amounts payable when cancelling or rebooking a business trip due to sickness, accident or death. Events at home or on site are also covered (war, natural disasters, terror attacks, etc.).

Organisation and coverage of costs when one’s trip is interrupted or stay is extended, continuation of business trip, assignment of substitute staff member, reorganisation of stay and associated residence issues. Advancing of funds, assistance when losing documents, concierge service, and provision of medical and security information.

Loss, theft or damage of luggage and professional gear, delayed luggage.

Coverage of costs associated with cancellation or postponement of business meeting by the insured person or their business partner during the 30 day period prior to departure. Costs are capped at CHF 1,500 per event; max. 5 events or max. CHF 7,500 per person and year.

Before and during travel to destination due to political unrest, attacks, epidemics or natural disasters.

Information service and hotline, operational, proactive monitoring of trip (online registration, traveller tracking), and crisis management and intervention on site (security assistance, kidnapping abroad, arbitrary arrest or detention).

Coverage of costs and organisation services for compensation claims or criminal complaints or charges. Defence in criminal proceedings and safeguarding legal interests in dealing with disputes arising from contracts. Access to hotline for legal issues.

Coverage of excess payable in the event of accident with or theft of rental car. Coverage of costs of liability claims for personal injury or property damage with a rented vehicle.

Organisation and coverage of costs incurred due to bankruptcy of a booked service provider before or during the trip.

Coverage of costs due to cancellation, delay or overbooking of flight pursuant to EU regulation 261, where the event is insured, also coverage of commissions of service provider.

24/7 emergency and legal assistance whilst travelling or other travel matters.